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About Athena Education

Athena Education (IOM) PLC is one of the leading educational companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With our registered office in the Isle of Man, we provide school education from K-12, teaching US and UK Curricula. Currently we own and operate nine schools in the UAE with five in Dubai and four in Sharjah. The group educates over 13,000 students and employs 1,300 staff from all over the world. The group’s 3-4 years growth strategy is focused on acquisition and development of schools across the UAE, GCC and MENA region.

The group provides education that delivers the learning outcomes of US/UK Curricula in line with the 21 Athena Core Learning Values. Our children love school and are happy to attend classes as independent and resilient collaborators who are given learning freedom, undivided attention and appreciation. The chosen curriculum is blended with extra-curricular activities, such as the Innovation Club, Literary Club or Sports Club.

Our nature-friendly school environment boasts advanced facilities such as machine and digital technology support, artificial intelligence, and independent laboratories for all core subject areas that aid children in developing their knowledge while enriching their language, reasoning and critical thinking skills. In this way, every child’s holistic development is supported to help access into tertiary education.

Teachers at Athena Education come from multi-cultural backgrounds. The Athena Centre of Excellence offers accreditation to teachers that enhances their teaching methods, helps them connect with students, and optimises their efficiency with the latest digital platforms. Teachers are actively engaged in career building through research and development activities at the centre which include publishing and presenting their innovative teaching methods in the Athena International Journal of Education (AIJE).

The Athena Education Academic Board works in collaboration with our Senior Management Team and Board of Directors to shape the scope of teaching and learning methods which ultimately drives our mission to provide quality education for all.