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Message from the Founder & Executive Chairman

My philosophy of education is based on my belief that true learning can only happen through holistic development of the child. Children should have a goal to become creative and be inspired to make something impactful with the resources available to them. At Athena, we recognise that innovation cannot occur without taking risks, therefore we teach our children to be resilient. However, we must not lose sight of our humanity. We need to cultivate the social values of caring, sharing and having faith in themselves and others. Education is liberation and we want our children to learn in their own unique ways so that they remain motivated all the time. To me true learning comprises the 21 values of social grace which arose from my 30 years of personal experience as well as meditation. By embodying these value we create the ideal educational environment for the next generation and ensure children are the invaluable assets of the future.


Founder and Executive Chairman